Thursday, February 19, 2009


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Monday, December 22, 2008

12 days...WHAT?!?!

So...we're 12 days till the wedding...and I'm freaking out. Not really, but kinda. It's just crazy it's finally here!

That's it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

7 Random Things

I've been tagged, by my friend Ann to post 7 random/and or weird things about myself. So, here it goes...

1. I've never broken a bone. That's right, never, not even a finger or a toe.
2. I love pumpkin flavored stuff. Pumpkin spice latte's from starbucks, pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee in the mornings, pumpkin pie, etc.
3. I want to write a book. I've always hoped that at some point in my life I would write a book and it would be published. I'll keep you updated on that. :)
4. I want to adopt a child one day. Eric does too, so that's a good thing!
5. My favorite pen to write with are the new sharpie pens (thanks emily for making me aware!)
6. I love my planner! Especially these days! I think I might be completely lost with out. Check out the new planner I might order soon!
7. Last but not least, cranberries are my new favorite snack. I have kidney problems so it's a good thing I like to eat cranberries bc it helps with the pain.

More goodness...

I love this book!

"...Marriage challenges us to abandon everything for the sake of love.
For in the first place, love convinces a couple that they are the greatest romance that has ever been, that no two people have ever loved as they do, and that they will sacrifice absolutely anything in order to be together. And then marriage asks them to prove it. Marriage is the down-to-earth dimension of romance, the translation of a romantic blueprint into costly reality. It is the practical working out of people's grandest dreams and ideals and promises in the realm of love. It is one of God's most powerful secret weapons for the revolutionizing of the human heart. It is a heavy, concentrated barrage upon the place of our greatest weakness, which is our relationship with others. We cannot possibly, it is true, in any practical way maintain a commitment to every other person in the world: That is God's business, not ours. But marriage involves us synecdochically in this mystical activity of God's by choosing for us just one person, one total stranger out of all the world's billions, with whom to enter into the highest and deepest and farthest reaches of sacrificial, loving relationship.
It has been said that the secret to building a good fire is simply to rest one log against another. Marriage builds a good hot fire on the simple principle of resting one man and one woman up against each other in a hypostatic union of persons. "As iron sharpens iron," says the proverb, "so one person sharpens another," and the saying is nowhere more apt than in marriage...
The whole world is being sharpened by love, but it is in the special fire of covenant relationships that the keenest and brightest edges are being honed...
Only the Lord could have devised such an awesomely tender and heartwarming means for men and women to be made into swords..."

The Mystery of Marriage
Mike Mason

Monday, October 13, 2008


So this won't be a long post. I just wanted you all to know what I'm reading and how AMAZINGLY impactful it is! Every time I start to read this book tears stream down my face and I feel so blessed to be entering into a life long season called marriage. As the feelings overwhelm me I pray with the deepest sincerity that during the rough spots along the way the Lord will gently remind me of being overwhelmingly blessed to be a part of His journey of marriage for Eric and I.

Here's just one quote (or thing I've underlined :)) of many...

"Primarily what keeps us seperate is our sin, but there is also another factor, which is that in each one of us the holiest and neediest and most sensitive place of all has been made and is reserved for God alone, so that only He can enter there. No one else can love us as He does, and no one else can be the sort of Friend to us that He is."
The Mystery of Marriage
Mike Mason

I guess what I'm learning most of all, is that as much as I want to be the perfect wife and mother, I can't, but every day I have the responsibility of leaning on the One who can. The One who can love deeper than me, and be more patient than me, and be more selfless than I could ever strive to be. He will do it because He has to. He will do it because I can't.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Working 9 to 5!

Ok, so more like 8 to 5. I started my new job this week. It's been so exciting, yet so overwhelming. Overwhelmed seems to be a theme in my life right now, and honestly, I don't see that changing much for the next 4 months. I started working part time again at Anthropologie a couple of weeks ago. Side note- Anthro, by far, is my favorite shop on the planet! Just come visit me and you'll see why. The frangrances are intoxicating, the visuals leave you wanting to cozy up in one of our chairs with a blanket and a good book and never leave, and not to mention the CLOTHES! Always adorable! Our visual team never ceases to amaze me! Okay...back on track now. That's not my new job, however, I love that place so much I'm going to keep working there part time, for now...

So...ta-da-dle-da! My new job! I'm the children's/student ministry assistant at First Baptist Nashville! Because this is my first week on the job I want to leave you guys with a "Top 8 Bottom 4" of the week. So, here it goes..

Top 8:

1. The people- the staff here is super welcoming and helpful!
2. My office- I actually have one!! This is the first EVER! So fun! And Emily gave me lots of fun things to put in it! (thanks, em!)
3. 1/2 day Fridays!- so we only work till 12:30 on Fridays! Jealous!? :)
4. It's 2.5 miles away from my future home in East Nash
5. Free parking- if I ever come downtown for anything, I always have a free place to park
6. Working at a church- I love the church! LOVE IT! I love serving the church, so the obvious best job choice for me..WORKING IN A CHURCH!
7. Luch Break- so bc I was a nanny before this, I never really had a lunch break, at least one with out a kid. ha!
8. TBL- Thursday Business Lunch. This week Sarabeth (who is also singing in my wedding..woop woop) sang. so fun to see her in the middle of the work day!

Bottom 4:

1. INFORMATION OVERLOAD!- so far I have intaken more info in the past 4 days then I probably did my whole college career (and that lasted 6 years! GEEZ)
2. Traffic- as of right now I'm driving in every morning from B-wood. about YIKES!
3. Office clean up- so whoever worked in the office before me left a bit for me to reorganize...oh well! here's to office redecoration!
4. Lost my email- So I was here one day and already computer issues! My new email account got deleted. NO WORRIES! It's all better now!

Monday, August 18, 2008

A few things down...MANY more to go

So far wedding planning has been fun and at the same time stressful. I've learned I have a tough time making decisions. Every time I think I've tackled one thing off of my LONG "to do" list, it then comes with many tiny little detailed decisions to make. Like for example, book the reception venue/caterer. Seems easy, right? Find a place that will accomodate our GROWING list of 500+ people. (I remember the day we got engaged saying, 'yeah a small wedding seems really nice, let's do that'...haha...not so small anymore). In Montgomery it's really difficult to find a venue that will let you bring in your own caterer, plus it's WAY more expensive to do it that way. So we're opting with the venue/caterer from the same place. Seems like it might make life easier. Now, that we've booked the reception, comes the MANY menu options. Do you want beef? pork? shrimp? all of the above? I'm beginning to tell my mom I don't care, and just let her make the decision. So's where the reception will be! Yay! for checking one thing off the list! :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

in between

When I wrote my last blog a couple of weeks ago I had no idea I really would be living with a boy 6 months from then! Wow! I'm engaged! Holy moly!! This is one of the most exciting, stressful, anxious, in between, seasons of life I've ever experienced. I think I've shed more tears, some good some bad, in the last two weeks than I have in years!

Yesterday we booked our honeymoon to Maui, and honestly, that's the one thing that keeps me going when I think about how stressed out I feel right now. I can't wait to go to Hawaii and relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in the WORLD! Plus, I've never been on a "real" vacation in pretty much my whole life (when I was a kid we would go to the beach, which counts, but not really).

SO, all that to say, I'm SUPER excited to be a wife! But I am SUPER stressed (mainly bc of sandy)! And we're getting married on January 3, 2009! WOO HOO!! So, make plans to be there because it's going to be a PAR-TAY! Motown music, dancing, eating, celebrating! F-U-N!